The Benefits of an artificial Christmas tree

Just before the Christmas period many people will be considering which type of Christmas tree to buy. The real v’s artificial debate is one which people often can’t agree on. In this article I will discuss the benefits of having an artificial Christmas tree.

The first artificial Christmas tree was produced in the 1930’s by a company which had previously been making toilet brushes. Since their invention artificial Christmas trees have been a popular option around the world.

Artificial Christmas trees are very convenient, they can be carefully packaged away and brought out year after year saving you both time and money during the festive period. You will no longer have to worry about going out to buy a tree and the hassle of getting it home will be a thing of the past.

There’s a wide range of Christmas trees available on the high street as well as on the internet; so it should be easy to find something to suit any budget or colour scheme. sites such as have a large selection of trees which come either plain or covered in snow. This site also sells trees in packages with sparkling baubles or twinkling lights. Perfect for adding a bit of Christmas sparkle to your home.

Christmas Decorations: Traditional or Contemporary?

What colours bedeck your house for the festive season? Do you prefer the traditional colours of red, green and gold or have you fallen into the modern trend of any colour goes?

There will never be anything wrong with the traditional triumvirate. The deep forest green of the tree, the rich red of Santa’s suit and sparkling of gold will always represent the season. Some might prefer silver in place of gold but these colours resonate with children and adults and have been the palette of choice since Victorian times and still remain the most popular. You only have to look at to see their undying longevity.

However, there are no rules and if your eye is drawn to a different colour scheme – whether to suit your home, be a contrast or simply because you love the colour – don’t hold back. From luscious lilac to tantalizing turquoise and everything in between, Christmas these days comes in all colours. Even in black and white!

If you want candy pink or audacious orange for your Christmas ornaments, a teal tree or a white tree, it is possible to create an amazing technicolour tableau for the time of the year that is most fun and we all look forward to, whatever our age.


A real tree may look gorgeous, but you have to deal with it shedding needles all over the place, as well as disposing of the tree once Christmas is over. Many local authorities offer recycling points where you can leave your tree, but an artificial tree offers better value for money as it will last for years. offers a wide range of trees to suit all tastes and budgets.

One of the best points about this site is the choice. You can choose from a number of different heights. Short on space? Perch a 120cm tree on top of a table. Need to fill a grand hall? Opt for the tallest tree at 240cm. There are also a number of different types to choose from; you can pick a basic or luxury green tree, or a snow-covered one. To make decorating your tree really simple, you can also go for a package deal – these have baubles and lights already attached. There are a number of different colour schemes (bordeaux is clearly very popular, as most of them are out of stock!). You can also buy trees that just have lights attached – perfect for those of us who want to avoid the annual frustration of untangling lights!

This site is ideal if you’re looking for a simple colour scheme, as all the bother of picking up lights and baubles is done for you. It also offers a small selection of extra baubles, but if you’re looking for ‘themed’ ornaments such as snowmen and reindeer you won’t find them here.

Advantages of an artificial Christmas tree

Christmas time is near and if you’re like me, you’re already thinking about how to decorate the house. Many of us are faced with the difficult decision of whether to purchase a real of artificial Christmas tree.

There are many reasons why I believe an artificial Christmas tree is the way to go:

To begin with, an artificial tree removes the hassle of having to choose a tree from the lot, simply log on to websites such as and you can find the tree you want in a matter of minutes. They are also generally easy to assemble and store away, meaning you can save the trouble of worrying how to get your tree home in one piece and where to dispose of it once the festivities are over.

Although artificial trees are usually more costly than real ones, they are more cost effective in the long-run as you are re-use them year after year, whereas real trees begin to die within matter of weeks. This means you can use the cash saved to buy more gifts for your loved ones, if you’re feeling extra generous that is.

Avoid allergies
For those who are allergic to the smell of pine, an artificial tree can save you or your guests the aggravation of sniffling all the way through your Christmas dinner. Whilst some may enjoy the smell of a fresh tree, other’s are unable to tolerate the pungent scent.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Snow Christmas Tree

With the magical glow of Christmas edging ever closer, it’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement of the season, and to start window shopping for gifts for friends and loved ones. Why not treat you home to a new ornament this Christmas by looking into a brand new Christmas tree?

There are some fantastic options available. While some prefer the feel and smell of a real tree, there’s no denying that they require a lot of work. Transporting the new tree home every year, and constantly clearing the shed needles is a bothersome task. Treading on a stray spike in the night is an even greater pain. As well as this, the one-off expense of an artificial tree is an attractive option when calculating the cost of purchasing and transporting felled trees year after year.

As well as the standard green trees, the option of an artificial tree provides you with some stylish choices not otherwise available with the messy fresh trees. Give your living room the cosy feel it deserves this winter by having your tree complete with a dusting of snow, so that even if we don’t get a white Christmas this year, the festive feeling will still be alive inside. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a long-lasting artificial Christmas tree this holiday season, there really is no better time than now to start looking over your options. Why not check out our site today, and see if any of our beautiful trees take your fancy?

Buy a special Christmas tree and create your own annual traditions

Getting the Christmas tree out from the attic or garage is an exciting time of the year. For most people, it marks the start of the seasonal celebrations. If you are choosing your fist christmas tree, or are choosing a new one this year, what should you consider?

First of all, remember that you are selecting a special tree that will be part of your memories for years to come. Choose the best you can afford so you are thrilled when you unpack it each December.

Choose the place the tree will go before you make a purchase so you can measure the best size for the space. Take into account the width and the height of the completed tree, and remember you will need an electricity socket for the lights.

Pick decorations you will be delighted to see again and again. If you enjoy changing things a little each Christmas, then think about how you could make small tweaks to keep things current every year.

Start some traditions that will make your Christmas special, like choosing your own day each year to put the tree up. It could be the 1st of December, the 14th or even Christmas Eve – but it’s the day you always come together and get out the decorations. Some people start with the youngest person placing the first bauble, or the eldest switching on the lights, and others like to tuck into their first mince pie of the year. Whatever means something to you will become your tradition and make your Christmas tree dear to your heart.

Check the xmasdeco store for a wide range of christmas trees.

Tinsel time

I remember the look of horror on my mum’s face the day after she made the mistake of letting my father and me decorate the Christmas tree. We’d immediately sourced some claret and blue tinsel – the colours of our favourite team – and bought enough of it to cover the Eiffel tower. It was hideous, but that’s the beauty of Christmas decorations. Hideous is good. Hideous can be beautiful! Hideous is what it’s all about!

Ok. If you’re lucky enough to be born with a modicum of taste you might look into natural decorations, you might go with the mantra ‘less is more’. You might check lifestyle magazines to see what’s on trend for this year and sparsely decorate your house with a couple of foraged mistletoe berries and a solitary Kath Kidson paper chain, but I would venture to guess you are in the minority and I would also suggest you’ve missed the point.

Christmas decorations aren’t about trying to impress your neighbours or showing how clever you are. Christmas decorations are all out celebration. Big, fat, tasteless, tinselly celebration. The more and the shinier the better. If there’s a mantle piece that’s not covered in purple and gold tinsel then cover it. If you don’t have a large fold out sliver paper star stuck to the ceiling of your loo with blu-tack that every now and then falls on an unsuspecting aunt, then get one. Get it all. Taste can wait till the new year. Now is the time for good, old fashioned shiny thing

Snow Christmas Tree

That Christmas feeling is settling in, the mood of the season taking hold. As the nights draw in a snug, welcoming room is all important. The decorations will be going up, and the festive season will begin to take shape, yet the centre piece that brings it all together is the Christmas tree. For that perfect Yuletide scene to be complete, a snow Christmas tree is a great solution.

These wonderful looking Christmas trees from offer an authentic touch to any decorated room. Layered to mirror a real tree yet made from PVC, they retain the natural look, but without all the care required of a real tree. Once lit up, a snow Christmas tree adds that festive warmth to a room, whether left as it is or decorated to a personalised style. Placed at home, in the office, or any business setting, this traditional Nordic look will enhance the Christmas spirit.

A snow Christmas tree will be the focal point it deserves to be, with the presents arranged all around. Everyone loves the glow of the Christmas tree, it is part of the magic of the season. Available in a variety of sizes to fit the area designated for it to sit, can deliver free of shipping charge in the UK. They are easy to set-up, so sit back and relish the traditional feel of your snow covered tree, and enjoy this very special time of year.

White Christmas Tree

Stand out from the Christmas Tree Crowd this year, by adding a beautiful white Christmas tree to your home. This gorgeous, quality tree will add the “wow factor” to any living room, hallway, conservatory… in fact, to any room in the house!

Made from PVC and fire resistant, yet looking like a real tree, you will have the benefit of a perfectly shaped, snow-covered tree, that won’t drop its needles and make a mess, no matter how many presents and treats are underneath it. To top off that perfection, you can tidy it away at the end of this years’ Christmas festivities and make use out of it, all over again, for years and Christmas’ to come. You can’t ask for better value for money than that!

This beautiful tree comes in three independent pieces, making assembly, disassembly and storage, as easy and convenient as possible for you. However, this beautiful white Christmas Tree will still look wonderful, sturdy and breathtaking, once erected. This tree also comes with a snow covered garland to disguise the robust tree base.

This Christmas, bring a snow covered, woodland forest tree, into the family home. All trees are pre-lit with LED lights, so the task of untangling Christmas lights, is a thing of the past. This tree can be decorated as little or as much as you like. Anything will look good on the snow-covered boughs, with the twinkling lights. Add tinsel, baubles, ribbons and candy canes! Oh… and don’t forget the presents underneath!

Realistic artificial christmas trees

Do you hanker after a real Christmas tree? Maybe it’s just for tradition or nostalgia, or perhaps you like natural things, but is it really the best option? Chopping down or digging up a living thing isn’t necessarily a good idea. Your tree would soon realise that your cosy lounge isn’t its natural cool habitat and would drop its needles everywhere to prove its point. If it’s got roots you could try planting it in the garden in January, but will it take?

Nowadays realistic alternatives are readily available and easily obtainable. There are no messy pine droppings to pick up and it will last for years. Standards have improved so much in the last few years that you can feel really proud of your artificial tree.

The green option is hard to tell apart from the outdoor variety and it’s just waiting for you to indulge your creative abilities in dressing it. Alternatively why not buy a ready-decorated version complete with lights? Choose burgundy baubles or go with the copper theme that’s so popular this year.

You may prefer to choose something completely different. Snowy white Christmas trees are on trend right now and will give a nice seasonal touch to your living room. Others are available in a wide range of colours and sizes with decorations that complement them perfectly.

You can even get cute miniature trees at – dot them around your home and sprinkle with artificial snow, to delight your guests with a truly festive look!